Children's tales of good manners

Children's tales of good manners

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1. The grumpy ladybug
Eric Carle
The grumpy ladybug is always in a bad mood, never says thank you or please, nor does she know what it is to share, she also thinks she is bigger and better than anyone. This story, following the game of the grumpy ladybug, invites children to explore the concepts of time, size, shape and manners.

2. Mom! What are the kibbles like before hunting them?
Javier Mu oz
It is a shared education book. In `` Mom '', how are the croquettes before hunting them ?. A fun game arises in the imagination of its protagonist, the boy Diego, who asks himself what croquettes will be like before hunting and cooking them, and speculates whether they will be like cows, mice, the birds or the ants. Meanwhile, a wise little mouse, Cuco, is explaining various issues related to food, eating habits, proper attitudes and behaviors at the table, hygiene habits related to food, collaboration in the tasks of set the table and clear it, etc.

3. Punished without leaving
Jes s Carrasco, Antonia Santolaya

Marta likes to draw very much but her mother doesn't like you painting the walls so she punishes her in her room until dinner time. As Marta gets bored, she decides to draw.

4. Tantrums, tantrums, and bad manners
Jesus Jarque Garcia

Manual for parents to learn to handle children's tantrums and other similar behaviors also in older children.

5. Good table manners
Patricia geis
A collection that, with a sense of humor, presents good table manners. Each book contains a weekly chart and stickers for the boys and girls to check their daily progress. If they achieve the objectives, a champion medal!

6. Good manners on the street
Patricia geis
A collection that, with a sense of humor, presents good street manners. If they achieve the objectives, a champion medal!

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