Children's stories of numbers

Children's stories of numbers

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1. Learn to count on Babar
Laurent brunhoff
One morning Babar and his friends decide to go for a walk to tell about everything they see. Do you want to accompany them and help them with the numbers?

2. Five
Antonio Rubio, Óscar Villán 'One moon, two moon and sun, three moon, sun and fish, four, moon, sun, fish and cat, five, moon, sun, fish, cat and jump.'

3. From one to ten
Chuck murphy
Do you know what is hidden behind each number? Flip up the black and white flaps and discover extraordinary figures on every page of this amazing book.

4. I learn to count with Richard Scarry
Richard Scarry

¿A book to learn to count to 10 doing puzzles. With illustrations by Richard Scarry

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Video: Learn to Count with Pete the Kitty. Kids Learning Video (July 2022).


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