Children's stories to talk about sex

Children's stories to talk about sex

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1. But where do I come from?
Sergi Camara, Teresa Herrero
Around two or three years of age, children begin to observe differences between boys and girls, and it is also at this stage that they begin to ask us, where do I come from? In this story and in the parent's guide that accompanies it, we will find a a good tool to address our children's curiosity about sexuality and begin to educate them in it naturally; thus, as they grow, they will have the confidence to keep asking us.

2. Where do babies come from?
Doris Rübel


3. Can you tell me how I was born?

Kate petty
Where do children come from? What does love make? It seems easy to answer the children's questions, but more than once have you not known what to say? This book has been prepared by experts in the field. The tenderness and clarity of its texts and illustrations will help you to give clear and simple answers to your children's questions

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