25% of children travel without a seat belt

25% of children travel without a seat belt

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One in four children go to school, to excursions or camps, by bus, without wearing a seat belt. Although for two years there has been a regulation that requires the implementation of a restraint in this type of transport, there is no rule that guarantees the restraint of children in them.

For this reason, the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC) calls for the approval of a Spanish child safety regulation for these vehicles. In a car, when the driver is caught without having put the seat belt on, he loses 3 points on his driving license. Security in this case is quite resolved. But in the case of children, there is still a lot to do, both in cars and in coaches. The implantation of a seat with an anchoring system or a seat attached to the seat back in the opposite direction to the march is being studied for the youngest, as well as several proposals for systems that increase the safety of children in transport such as height-adjustable belts or booster cushion attached to the seat. It was observed that both the 2-point belt (from one side of the waist to the other) and the 3-point belt (from the shoulder to the waist) should be adapted to the size of the children. If this is not the case, even if the child is held in the safety space, they may present risks of injury to the head, neck and abdominal area in the event of an accident.

The RACC also recommends including a modification to the drivers regulation so that the tolerated alcohol limit is zero for school bus drivers and that at least one evacuation drill is conducted with a full vehicle. We believe that the seat belt is as important as any part, brakes, gear changes, etc., of a vehicle. At the same time, we believe that the regulations that oblige its use are as essential as the care of parents and drivers who are in front of a vehicle to ensure that children are properly safe. They are directly responsible for the safety of children in a means of transport.

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