Spanish Television visit

Spanish Television visit

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This year, especially, we are going like the wind ... Today, a team from the program Ideas Factory, from TVE2, was visiting the office of our magazine to capture images of our work. We have spent an exquisite and very pleasant time with them.

And you will ask me: And why did TV come to visit you? Well I'll tell you. A few months ago, one of the directors of the program, Daniel Manzano, called us to suggest an interview about our site, and we accepted it, of course. The "Fábrica de Ideas" program emerged from an ideas contest promoted two years ago by the Spanish Television management among its workers. Among the more than 800 projects presented, "Fábrica de Ideas" was one of those selected. The program proposes to show Spanish talent in different aspects: entrepreneurs with original business initiatives; established entrepreneurs who explain to us what their formula for success was; the most innovative industrial, scientific or productive facilities, and the inventors' proposals.

A few days ago I was on the 34th floor of the Torre Sacyr Vallehermono, one of the four new skyscrapers in Madrid, to be interviewed by experts who analyze the business ideas of entrepreneurs, and look for the most original projects to determine if they are viable and profitable. They are: Margarita García de la Calle, investment specialist; Alejandro Vesga, an expert in detecting talent and innovation; and Jesús Soria, specialist in consumer issues. Today we had a most gratifying morning. When they broadcast the interview and the images I will let you know, for sure. So you can learn a little more about our history, our work, and the program "Fábrica de Ideas" is broadcast every Friday at 1:00 pm on 2 of Spanish Television. The authors of the idea, script and direction of the program are journalists Daniel Manzano and Raúl de Andrés. And those who were with us today were: the director Ana Mazuecos, the editor Mar Racamonde, and the cameraman José Antonio Molina (in the photo).Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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