Spain brings a giant baby to the Shanghai Expo

Spain brings a giant baby to the Shanghai Expo

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Without a doubt, there is nothing that attracts more attention, wherever we go, than a baby. When we go down the street and we come across someone, we always get a smile on our face and a feeling of tenderness. It is unavoidable! Babies are unique and nothing and no one can beat them.

Perhaps that is why, this year, at the World's Fair in Shanghai, Spain chose a giant baby, designed by Isabel Coixet, measuring 6.5 meters, to welcome visitors at the entrance of its pavilion. The title "From the city of our parents to that of our children" is Spain's proposal for the Expo motto ("Better city, better life"). The Expo runs from May 1 to October 31, 2010. There is almost nothing left for our Spanish baby to begin to "walk" and leave his own visitors and those of others speechless who come to the Spanish pavilion. You can watch here a video with the assembly of the giant baby at the Shanghai Expo.

In line with the slogan proposed for the Shanghai Expo, the Spanish pavilion has chosen to present an exhibition that responds to the idea of ​​the evolution of cities throughout history. Look to the past to build bridges to the future. Our children will be the forerunners of the new cities, attending to the legacy that we have left them. The continuity between generations and the transmission of models are represented by this enormous figure equipped with the movements and gestures of a baby. I am clear that Miguelín is going to captivate and provoke more than an excitement to the public, and will surely fire many photographic flashes . The only thing that leaves me intrigued is why Spain has chosen a boy and not a girl to be its representative image. Why not a Lola, or Rocío, or Marta ...? Although both cultures (Spanish and Chinese) share a passion for children, we all know that in China, men are more valued than women. Could it be that perhaps we wanted to please the host? What is clear is that not many will dare to take our "little" Miguelín in their arms in case he cries.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site.

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