Pregnancy video: 31 weeks

Pregnancy video: 31 weeks

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31 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your baby is more than 16 inches long and weighs close to 3 1/3 lbs – about the weight of a coconut.

Your baby's arms, legs, and body are plumping up as fat accumulates underneath the skin. At night, kicks and somersaults may keep you awake.

As your growing uterus puts pressure on your diaphragm, you may feel short of breath. Take things more slowly, and don't push yourself too hard. In bed, prop yourself up with extra pillows. When seated, sit up straight, with your shoulders back.

Pertussis (whooping cough) can be life-threatening for babies, so you'll likely be advised to get the Tdap vaccine between 27 and 36 weeks, even if you've had it before.

Wondering what to bring to the hospital or birth center? Search our site for "what to pack."

Most our site moms-to-be say their partner has an equal vote in choosing their baby's name. Go, team!

Video production by SALT Project.

Watch the video: 31 Weeks Pregnant. What To Expect (July 2022).


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