How I show my child love

How I show my child love

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Cuddles, snuggles, and hugs are only the beginning – parents share the many ways they show their kids they love them.

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There’s so many ways that I show my children love; the physical love, the cuddles and the snuggles and the kisses. I never – there’s no shortage of that. I also show them love by really listening to them and getting down on their level and looking them in the eye and make sure that they know that I’m listening, and I hear them, and I’m not looking at my phone.

Each kid I take and do different things with. For instance, I might take my son to go to a basketball game or wrestling, I’ll take my daughters shopping of course. We just – and during that time we just sit there and talk, and we just have certain conversations about boys, girls, certain issues that their brother is getting on their nerves, vice versa so really just spending time and just talking to them. That’s how I show a lot of love, it’s really just time spent.

The simplest way I show my childrens love is I give them a hug, I congratulate them when they – especially if they make a good grade in school. I also I have asked them what is their favorite restaurant and we have went out on a family celebration and taken them out.

I show my child love by making sure that she knows that daddy cares a lot about her. Kind of giving her some extra father/daughter time.

I show my children love by hugs and kisses and tickles, and everything fun and nice and sweet.

Spending quality time with just him. No phones, no TV, nothing outside, just him. Even if it’s just sitting down outside and talking to each other.

Spending time with her and I – sharing experiences with her. The more that she knows that I’m interested in what she’s interested in the more she actually feels love rather than just telling her.

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