Moms say: How I felt when my baby was born

Moms say: How I felt when my baby was born

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Your baby's birth can be one of the most powerful, memorable moments of your life. Here's how these women felt.

See what dads felt when they met their baby.

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When she was born, I was so sick of being pregnant. I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was almost like having just a balloon pop or something. It was like she popped out, and all I could feel is, “Ahhh,” and then when I heard her cry, I just got filled with emotion and tears just started rolling. I just couldn’t believe I had a kid. Then I immediately thought, “What am I going to do with this baby every day?”


The most amazing, emotional just release. I can’t believe I’m actually going to cry because I worked so hard, and it was such a difficult delivery. My mother was freaking out, and my husband was concerned for both of us. And so when he was born, I think everyone in the entire delivery room just started crying.


I can’t even describe how the feeling of when the nurse laid him on my chest.


I’d had a C-section so I heard all the stuff going on, and I heard her cry, and I heard everybody scream in joy, but I didn’t get to see her. I was like, “What is going on?” But I was also on drugs from having to have a C-section so it was a little hazy, but then as soon as they brought her over to me it was just complete tingles everywhere.


I was terrified. He was premature. I was unprepared. I was terrified and just for his health and his wellbeing.


I was overwhelmed with emotions, very happy. He was—he is the only surviving child of the five pregnancies so it meant a big deal.


I knew I loved her instantly. I looked at her eyes, and I knew everything was great but inside emotionally I was a little bit upset and a little bit like, “Oh my god, can somebody else just take care of her for right now so I can have some time alone?”



I felt very relieved first of all, and I felt that now we are not alone, but we’ll never be alone again.



Just we are done. We’ve gotten through this. The baby is here. He’s here. It was amazing.



When I first was able to hold my daughter, it was just a completely overwhelming feeling of joy and at the same time nervousness and responsibility. It really hit home that I was going to be completely responsible for this little person’s life and that she was going to rely on me for every single need.

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