Cooking with Lindsay: Thai chicken noodle bowls

Cooking with Lindsay: Thai chicken noodle bowls

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Try this tasty and nutritious twist on noodles.

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Hi, I'm Lindsay Weiss from the Baby Center Blog. Today, I want to show you one of my family's most requested dinner meals, Thai Chicken and Noodle Bowls. This is one of my kids' favorites because it's just a really yummy noodle dish. And it's one of my favorites because it contains everything you need for a balanced meal – proteins, carbohydrates, great veggies – all wrapped up in one perfect bowl.

So for this recipe, we're going to use some dried linguini noodles, shredded chicken breast. For our peanut sauce, we're going to mix together peanut butter, Sriracha sauce, chicken broth, some fresh ginger, seasoned rice vinegar, soy sauce, and then we'll garnish with sliced green onions, shredded carrots, and sesame seeds.

So the first step is to take your linguini noodles and put them in some hot, salted boiling water. I like to use linguini because it's a nice, thick noodle, and it really holds that peanut sauce well. You're going to cook the linguini noodles according to your package directions for al dente – usually, somewhere around nine to ten minutes.

Now, three minutes before your linguini is at al dente, you want to add the shredded carrots to the boiling water. And that's just going to soften them a little but not make them too mushy. Once the pasta and carrots are finished, just drain them in a colander over the sink. Let them sit for just a few minutes.

To make the peanut sauce, you're going to take a whisk and a medium-size bowl and mix your peanut butter, chicken broth. Next, I'll add the Sriracha. We say 1 to 2 teaspoons. You can really tailor that based on what your family can tolerate for spiciness. Sriracha is pretty spicy. Then we're going to add the fresh ginger. And it's key for this recipe that you go and get that fresh ginger and not the powdered stuff you buy in the spice aisle. Adding some seasoned rice vinegar, and finally finishing up with our soy sauce.

Then take out my spatula. And then I'm just going to grab a whisk and go to town here. And we're going to whisk this up until it's nice and velvety smooth. Sometimes it takes a while. You really have to get in here and get this peanut butter and really mix it up into the liquid. Give it some good muscle and get it nice and smooth for those linguini noodles.

The final step in this dish is to mix it all together. You're going to take your drained noodles and matchstick carrots and pour them in a big serving dish. This is what you're going to serve right out of. Take that smooth, velvety peanut sauce and just pour it right over the top. Don't worry about making it look pretty yet. Spread your chicken kind of on top. Get yourself a pair of trusty tongs, and just kind of go to town on this.

And actually, before we do that, let's sprinkle some green onions right in for some color. We'll sprinkle them in, and we'll leave a few to garnish on the top as well. So take your trusty tongs and just really mix that peanut sauce so it's coating all the noodles, it's coating all the pieces of chicken, so that every bite gets a delicious peanut-y taste.

And once you have that tossed just the way you want it, take those remaining green onions and sprinkle over the top. This is just to make it look pretty. And you'll have some sesame seeds as well. Sprinkle those right on the top. It adds just a little bit of crunch and there you go, once you've done that, take it right to your table, put it in front of your family, and enjoy.

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